Meet Gynecologist Niels Lund - A Specialist, graduated from the University of Copenhagen

Here at, Gynecologist Niels Lund, Gynecological Clinic, we believe that a healthy relationship between a Doctor and the patient is the foundation and a very necessary element to carry the process of better healthcare and for proper diagnosis and treatment. We assure you that you are in safe hands when with us, as we have a team of certified professionals who make every effort to provide you with the best comfort and care. We assure calm and peaceful environment at our clinic which has large and bright rooms and a friendly and always smiling staff to take better care of your health.  Also, we provide Ample parking behind the building with an entrance from Rosenvænget. There is handicap accessible with elevator. Above all, at Gynecologist Niels Lund Gynecological Clinic, Middelfart, we offer a warm environment that helps ease off the patients even those who have a fear of a gynecological intervention and also you are guaranteed a "painless" treatment, so do not worry about your fear towards vesting a gynaec.

We strive to serve one and all and for this, we have a developed approach through which we look forward to being reached by all sections whether it is rich or poor, our doors are open for all. All patients in the health insurance group 1 referred by a general practitioner, treated free of charge. Patients in health insurance group 2 may be referred by the family doctor or even an appointment but must pay a small part of the fee. This way we hope to be beneficial to everybody who needs us.

At Gynecologist Niels Lund, Middelfart, we focus primarily on the safe environment along with high professionalism. You will be offered with all the usual gynecological treatments. In addition, here at Gynecologist Niels Lund Gynecological Clinic, we strive to take the best care of your comfort and keep you away from the fears of gynecological intervention by providing a peaceful and homely environment along with the best solutions and diagnosis. Our clinic can handle all gynecological problems with best and latest mechanism. You are therefore in safe hands with Gynecologist Niels Lund and the skilled staff at the clinic.